Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting the show on the road....

I have decided since we live so far away from pretty much everyone and don't always keeping in contact that I would do this blog to keep you all up to date.

As you know I am just almost 2 weeks away from my due date and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little guy. A couple weeks ago a great friend and awesome photog took some family portraits and pregnancy pictures that turned out amazing.

Here are a few that she has forward to me....

Vanessa has just finished her first school year and is enjoying summer vacation already. When she was asked the other day if she wanted to go to the library to get some new books, her reply was that she didn't, she is on vacation and doesn't need to read. Silly girl.
Vanessa also is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her brother. She loves him so much already it just melts my heart. Every night she tells him something about her day, that that she will see him in the morning, she loves him and to hurry up and get here.