Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On the move

So after weeks of doing this funny type of crawling by basically standing on his head, walking his legs up and then lifting his head to move his body, Drake has figured out this whole crawling buisness. And boy does he move!!! He is so quick and determined once he has his eye on something. Right now he has about 4 different versions of crawling, it depends on what kind of flooring he is on. In our house the floors are all wood so he does an army crawl and occasionally will push with a foot. Watching him use his one foot actually reminds me of when our friend Noah was crawling. On the carpet he will crawl regularly or a combo between an arm and regular crawl.
Yesterday we were at my parents and he moved across the whole living room just to get a pencil behind a chair he saw earlier. I can see that he is going to love Vanessa's room and all her little "treasures". She had better watch out.