Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Tonight we decided to carve a few of our pumpkins since tomorrow is just going to fly by.

Brian was very ambitious and creative with his design, he drew it the night before.

Needless to say it took him several hours to carve his out.

Vanessa drew on her design and I carved it out for her. After one handful of pumpkin filling she was done for the night. She was more than happy to take pictures, jump rope, hulahoop and patiently wait for dinner until I was done.

And Mr Drake was more than happy to hang out in the swing and watch all the fun.


The Cohen's said...

Awwww.... too bad Vanessa didn't like the pumpkin guts. ;) I don't blame her. And Brian's is AWESOME!

Sandra said...

That's fabulous!! We didn't get around to pumpkin carving this year, but Tyson did make a cute happy face on his at preschool, so that counts, right? Drake is so cute!!